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c9 Jam

Bad quality video, peaked out, but i liked this so i thought id still put it up. hope you like it too. 🙂



Sklang Attack


Here is a clip of me playing with squid squad @ bar open in 2011, epic guitar solo @ 4:55.

Dont know who the mc who jumped up was but if your reading this, cheers man, you rock.

Psyphertunes – At last i am no one

here is a nice little tune my electronica alterego Psypher has just released

Huon’s ripping blues solo

Huon is a student of mine who has been working on blues solos and jamming. Here is a clip of him strutting his stuff!

Keep an eye out for him at his school upcoming talent show 😀

PSM @ 303


Here’s a video of me playing with The Preston Skate Massive featuring Adel Yeoman covering the Liquor Open tune “Demons of Seamen” Live at 303 Bar Northcote.

Lullabye of birdland improv

Just some jamming over the changes from lullabye of birdland by George Shearing. 
A bit of a trial run for my new epiphone sheraton, plays beautifully, more to come when i have tamed the beast within the archtop.

Lesson – Alterations to a 1625 progression

In this video i work through ways of ‘jazzing up’ a simple progression.