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Lesson – Alterations to a 1625 progression

In this video i work through ways of ‘jazzing up’ a simple progression.



Who says guitarists cant make chiptune?


A nice little sound made with some bitcrushed nylon. Savour the nostalgia.



A classic John Coletrane tune from the album ‘Giant Steps’. Looped and served fresh with a nylon string flamenco flavour.

Winds of Caledonia


An original piece i wrote for my band thats a lot of fun to improvise over,

have a go at home: Em / Em9 / Dsus2 / D / Csus2 / C / Dsus2 / B7

Slip ‘n’ slide

Here is a little track I’ve been working on with Psypher.

Beautiful Love

Playing in lovely Fremantle far too close to a road for my cameras liking. An old classic by Wayne King, Victor Young and Egbert Van Alstyne. (back in the good ol’ days it took 3 people to write a tune)